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    What people are saying about TESS ….

“From lead to execution, TESS delivers real-time data that provides operational efficiencies, enabling our leadership team to have visibility of our client relationships, profitability, and overall success.”

- Chief Operating Officer

“One of my favorite aspects of TESS is that it solves the age-old problem of communication between sales and operations.  When programs are developed in TESS during the sales process, the operations team can step in and understand exactly where they are in the planning process.  This consistency of communication results in a higher quality product for the client.  It is truly a win on all fronts.”

- DMC Partner

“TESS’ online access has made my event life so much easier. TESS puts my whole calendar front and center, in my own personalized color. With just a few clicks, “she” helps me find information quickly, from event details to financials.”

- Executive Producer

TESS is a great tool for my team. It allows us to have real-time information about the financials of our programs, track vendor payments, and reconcile budgets. By enabling our staff to quickly and easily enter information in about their programs, TESS ensures that we are adhering to best practices of ‘only entering it once’ and creating a smooth flow of information.”

- Chief Financial Officer

“On a weekly basis, our team was tasked with manually compiling and sending in end-of-week reports … it was a time suck for all.
TESS now creates a report with newly generated leads in just minutes, saving my team 8 hours each month. Time is money and TESS saves us a full day that we can instead be finding new clients.”

- Shannon Rodriguez, Director of Business Development